Business Objective

To build a white-labeled rewards solution within the intranet to address the branding needs of the organization.


Build a white-labeled rewards and recognition solution that can be adopted by organizations via integrations.


Additional Empuls features like Leaderboard, Surveys, Groups, etc are not in scope for this program.


The white-labeled product solution is targeted towards the end-users i.e. employee and manager persona. Admin functions like HR associated with managing the reward program will access the Empuls web app to configure the rewards program.

Features Index

Here are the features covered as part of this documentation. Click on the respective link to view the sample request and response.

  1. Authentication & Authorisation
  2. Appreciate (Webview & API)
  3. Send Gifts (API)
  4. Redeem Reward Points
  5. Home Page
  6. Reports
    1. Fetch Awards Issued API
    2. Fetch Core Values API

1. Authentication & Authorisation

The customer will be able to initiate the integration using the Client ID, Client Secret, and Refresh Token. These inputs will be provided by the Empuls team upon request.